Polarity Series Announcements

I’m coming to realize that considering the signs as pairs of complementary opposites is just as important as considering them individually—if not more so.  If we think about it, polarities are the foundation of our world, and of our thinking.  Opposite extremes. Two sides to every story. Light and dark. Yin and yang.  Pairs, dualities, are fundamental.

I’m still researching and figuring out exactly how I want to present the pairs, but here are some of the categories that I’m working on (beyond pairs of opposite signs):


Venus-Mars partners: Libra-Aries; Taurus-Scorpio

Mercury-Jupiter partners: Gemini-Sagittarius; Virgo-Pisces

Light-Saturn partners: Moon-Capricorn; Sun-Aquarius


Yin-Yang/ Retrograde-Direct pairs:








I think that categorizing the signs in these ways can help us to understand different dimensions of their energies.  I look forward to thinking more deeply about these pairings and sharing those thoughts on this blog.


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